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Deep-dive with experts into challenges specific to your product.

Two of the most respected product leaders around, Ash Maurya and Teresa Torres, will deliver the official INDUSTRY Workshops in 2018. Attendees choosing the All Access option will have the choice of attending one of these 4-hour sessions on the afternoon of Monday, October 1st, the day before the main conference kicks off.  Spaces are available on a first come, first served basis.

Option 1: Love the Problem

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Ash Maurya is the author of Running Lean and the creator of the one-page business modeling tool Lean Canvas. His posts and advice have been featured in Inc., Forbes, and Fortune. He regularly hosts sold-out workshops around the world and serves as a mentor to several accelerators including TechStars, MaRS, and Capital Factory.


Most products fail, simply because we build something nobody wants. This begs the obvious question: Why does this happen and how do you build what customers do want? Traditional approaches like surveys, focus groups, and even directly asking customers don’t work because customers themselves often don’t know what they want.

In this workshop, you’ll learn a systematic approach to uncover problems worth solving and turn them into solutions your customers cannot refuse.

Option 2: Continuous Discovery Habits

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Teresa is a product discovery coach who helps teams gain valuable insights from their customer interviews, run effective product experiments, and drive product outcomes that create value for their customers and their businesses. She teaches teams how to connect the dots between their research activities and their product decisions, inspiring confidence that they are on the right track.


More teams are moving toward a truly cross-functional product team model where the teams that develop the product (i.e. product manager, designers, software engineers) are the ones responsible for doing their own discovery. They do their own user research, conduct their own experiments, and synthesize what they are learning week over week to support their daily product decisions.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to develop the habits necessary to create a continuous feedback loop between your product development ideas and your customers. You’ll learn how to start with a research question on Monday and end with some answers by Friday, in a way that is sustainable every week of the year.

This workshop will mix real-world case studies with hands-on exercises and discussion about your specific situations, to make sure that you go home with actionable takeaways. Come learn what the future of product discovery looks like.