Software Product Management 101 Workshop - Industry
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In this half-day workshop specifically designed for newer product managers by Pragmatic Marketing, one of the leading educators and facilitators of product management training programs, you can expect to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the role of a technology product manager.
  • Learn how to properly listen to your market and translate that into an action plan for your product.
  • Understand a basic framework to help guide you and your products as you evolve.
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The role of the Product Manager is one that’s become increasingly important in high-growth technology companies. The responsibilities of a product manager require a unique and rare skill-set that includes, among other things:

  • Translating corporate strategy into envisioning a set of products that supports that strategy.
  • Having enough knowledge and credibility to work with internal teams (like design, development, and others) to create such products.
  • Maintaining customer empathy throughout the process.
  • Collaboratively engaging internal and external groups constantly.
  • Being able to live with the fact that you’ll have all of the responsibility, without the “authority.”

Yet, even with a unique set of skills required — most product managers don’t have any formal educational product management training because until quite recently, it didn’t even exist. It’s no wonder that many product managers constantly wonder, “Am I doing this right?”